Goh Wei Quan, Daryl

Oasia Hotel Downtown by Far East Hospitality

ROTY has been a journey filled with emotions for me. Excitement, anxiety, uncertainties and comfort probably sums up my experience thus far. Despite it all, I’m very grateful for this opportunity to learn, develop and grow not only through my fellow peers at work, but also with the new friends made from this competition. It has been an extremely rewarding and enriching journey as I grew to realised my strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement to further hone myself not only to become a better hotelier, but also as a person.

I would like to thank Far East Hospitality for presenting me with this opportunity of a lifetime, showering me with endless support throughout the process. A shout out to my team in Oasia Hotel Downtown Singapore, thank you all for believing in me! Your words of encouragements and acts of kindness have definitely fuelled me to work even harder for this! I’m glad that I got to represent not only the hotel, but also bits and pieces of all my team members too. Thank you!