Lau Yu Joy

Swissotel The Stamford

My ROTY journey has been nothing short of phenomenal and I am very proud to represent Swissotel the Stamford this year!

Not only has this competition allowed me to connect with like-minded hoteliers, but also exposed me to different insights of the various departments and hotels. It has been a fulfilling journey, and it made me realised that the industry is ever-changing. I still have so much to learn! No one day in the hotel is the same, and it is this excitement that keeps me going. ROTY has been truly inspiring in so many ways, and it is indeed heart-warming to see that there are many out there who display such passion and enthusiasm towards the industry.

Friendships forged, lessons learnt and memories made – I am very thankful for this fruitful and rewarding experience. A big thank you to Swissotel the Stamford for your unwavering support and guidance, and ARDE for making this happen!