Joey Tan Hui Ling

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

I was first introduced to “Receptionist of the Year” by my superior. After finding out more on this competition, I was really excited to join as I felt it was the right opportunity to step forward and improve my skill sets. To ignite our passion for this prestige competition, our hotel conducted an internal selection to determine the representative. I am really honored and thankful being able to represent my hotel as one of the finalist.

During the preparation for the ROTY, it was full speed ahead for our team who spared no effort to train and groom me where various training sessions was arranged. The fact that so many people gave their time to help me out really touched me. I was given so many opportunities to enhance my skills. The constructive comments and pearls of wisdom I received from everyone during this period also boosted my morale and confidence, motivating me to strive forward.

During the boot-camp organized by the committee, it was the most fruitful training as it was extremely informative and beneficial for my day to day operation. Recognizing that being at ROTY is an inspiring and intriguing experience for myself, it is filled with gratitude to know that such competition seeks to inject a healthy dose of competition to motivate front line staff to excel in their current roles and to increase the service quality in the hospitality industry.