Koh Shi Han Amanda

Pan Pacific Singapore
Koh Shi Han Amanda

When I was selected to join the “Receptionist of the Year”, I was filled with different emotions. It was definitely an exciting yet nervous feeling. It was a journey to meet different hoteliers coming from many different hotels who were all sending their best candidates to this competition.

Despite my colleagues sharing their experience with me when they participated in the previous ROTY, I still did not know what to expect in this competition or what are the challenges I am going to encounter. I am very grateful to Pan Pacific Singapore for giving me the opportunity to experience this. It was definitely a rewarding and enriching experience. I have met new friends and also gain a lot of experience from my fellow candidates. Many thanks to ARDE for organizing this platform!

I want to start by thanking my Educator and Front Office Manager which is Stella and Gerald by giving me the opportunity and pushing me to take up this challenge. By joining ROTY, I feel that I am more confident now to handle difficult situations and also in engaging conservations with guest. Throughout my ROTY journey, I have been attached to various departments to overlook how hotel operations works for them. For that past week, when I have the opportunity to be attached to my Duty Manager, I have also picked up problem solving skills from them. With all these training and exposure, it had allowed me to grow and learn more and eventually, venturing further into Hospitality industry.

This ROTY competition have made me grow and it also strengthens my passion in Hospitality industry. By crossing path with the many Hoteliers also made me realised that there are many like-minded individuals like myself who love the industry.