Lee Yi Jie

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore
Lee Yi Jie

Being selected by my superiors to represent the Hotel in the Receptionist of the Year (ROTY) competition was truly a mixed of emotions, mainly positive. I remember vividly when I attended the Dinner & Dance of ROTY 2017, I was secretly hoping to be selected for 2018’s and like they always say, be careful what you wish for!

I said that it was a mixed of emotions as I felt that I was not good enough!

Looking back, I have got to say that I truly enjoyed myself throughout the entire journey and I was actually really sad on the very last day. The workshops and sharing that we had and not forgetting the ice-breaking games that we went through on the first day! I’ve also learnt a lot from other candidates in terms of their Hotel’s practices.

I feel that I’ve grown a little after going through the entire experience. Growth in terms of my perspective of guest’s complaints. I used to view it negatively (well I still do sometimes, haha) but I am beginning to see it from the guest’s point of view and that has helped me to think logically and come up with solutions. To the future candidates – just have fun learning and trust me, you are going to miss it!