Lim Hui Wen, Cheryllina

Oasia Hotel Downtown
Lim Hui Wen Cheryllina

The journey started full of uncertainties as it was stepping out of my comfort zone for me and not knowing what to expect. As we progressed further, it started to get filled with excitement as we meet new people and got exposed to things out of work.


I’m extremely thankful to be part of this journey and I’m glad that I’ve taken the big step out of my comfort zone.

The ROTY competition has helped to boost my confidence at work and being around new people. I’ve learnt to start assuming responsibility and make decisions at work especially when handling guest complaints, rather than having to rely on my Duty Managers all the time.

In addition, I’ve gained an experience that not everyone had the opportunity to and this is a story that I can share with my juniors next time to motivate and encourage them.

Most importantly, through this competition, I’ve came to realise how blessed I am to have an extremely supportive team at work who has been nothing but encouraging. The biggest take away from the competition are the new friends that I’ve made and the stronger bonds that I’ve formed with my team members.