Matthew Sim Wei Jian

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

I am very grateful to be nominated to take part in this year “Receptionist of the Year”, much less to be in the top 15 finalists as well. This competition has given me the opportunity to be able to meet different people from the industry and different hotels.

Preparations have been tough, yet an eye-opening experience, as I was able to see how my managers solve issues that arise. I was able to learn much more in terms of problem-solving skills and how to manage guests’ expectations and at the same time, presenting excellent service. To be able to attach myself with my managers has given me a sneak peek into my future career path. Not only that, the workshops that we attended have prepared us well on how to deal with difficult situations. I am confident and certain to say that I can now make wiser and win-win decisions to resolve issues on behalf of my managers

I would like to thank my mentor and managers for being so supportive and constantly pushing me to strive to achieve my goals. With the knowledge passed on to me by colleagues who were past candidates of ROTY, it has better prepared me to embark on this journey that awaits. Also, a special “thank you” to Crowne Plaza Changi Airport for giving me this opportunity and nominating me to take part in this year ROTY, and I hope to be able to bag the award home to make my colleagues and loved ones proud.