Quek Yu Fei

Raffles Hotel Singapore

I have spent the last four years working for Raffles , through our restoration and our grand reopening. It truly is an honour to stand before you today, representing a hotel that has been such a big part of my life for Receptionist of the Year 2019.

I know that in theory ROTY is a competition and one that I entered with that mindset, but looking back on the past few months now, I could not be more grateful for just being able to be a part of it. I look around me, and it truly is a privilege to be able to stand alongside my peers, many of whom I have such deep admiration and respect for. I would like to thank the ARDE Team for organising all the classes and workshops to better prepare us for this competition as our careers.

This would not be complete without thanking my Family at Raffles who encouraged me, pushed me in the right direction and supported me through this journey. They have motivated me, built my confidence but most importantly I will never be where I am today without them.