Stella Chioh Pei Xuan

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach
Stella Chioh Pei Xuan

ROTY is an unforgettable milestone in my life and I am extremely honoured to have the opportunity to take part in it.

The friendships I have forged with amazing individuals sharing the same passion and interest were eye opening. The valuable sharing and insights from great leaders of the industry have enlightened me and fuelled my passion to continue to be part of this industry.

I cannot be more thankful for this opportunity and am grateful for the support I have been receiving from everyone who had imparted useful skills and knowledge that had guided me through this journey.

A special thanks to my leaders in JW Marriott Singapore South Beach for trusting and providing me a journey I will cherish and will always be thankful for. And not forgetting ARDE for creating this platform to inspire local individuals to thrive and strive in this industry. It has been an enjoyable journey for me.