Viernes Krishan Carmel Villamarzo

Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay

Being selected as a representative for InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay has truly been an honour. The ROTY journey has been a fruitful journey where I got to meet like-minded peers in the industry and widen my horizons. Going in, I was extremely excited to join this prestigious competition after hearing about ROTY from my seniors at work.

I am grateful to my managers and mentors who have guided me on this journey, allowing me to grow to fully understand that every guest encounter provides me with an opportunity to provide a memorable experience. I would like to specially thank my hotel’s General Manager and EAM-Rooms Division for taking time to sit down with me and share more about their journeys in the hotel industry.

I would also like to thank ARDE for organising such a big-scale event that allows us fledgling hoteliers to get to know other people in the industry and to expand our knowledge. The competition has allowed me to forge friendships that will last a lifetime, and rekindled my passion in helping guests find a second home in my hotel.