Community. Together.

History of AICR


It all started in 1964. The year when Jean Boeri (head of Reception, Hotel e Paris, Monte Carlo) and Rene Jayles (Head of Reception, Hotel Carlton, Cannes) proposed the idea of a professional association and persuaded their counterparts in leading hotels on the Cort d’ Azur to join their hands in making it happen!

In order to promote communitcation and established personal and professional relations of confidence, the Amicale was formed. Believe it or not, this French Affair only started to include the Swiss Amicale after nine years in 1973!

How are we formed

In February 1973, at the first International Congress in the city of Lausanne, the birth of the Amicale International des Sous-Directeurs at Chef de Reception des Grands Hotels (AICR) was officially announced. The honor of being the very first elected International President of the AICR was given Otto Berger (Head of Reception, Bellevue Palace Hotel, Berne). As time goes by, other European countries joined the Amicale and Singapore became the first Asian and non-European Amicale in 1991!

Our objectives

With the Hotel Ritz, Paris as the registered office of the AICR, the International Congress is held once every two years in a city voted by the participants present in the previous International Congress. Held in cities that are known for their hotels and tourist activity, the Congress will included a Presidium and a General Assembly with the aim of:

  • Organizing events and meetings between members, as well as with political and professional personalities, benefactors, etc.
  • A meeting of the Presidium, to examine the proposed agenda for the General Assembly and consider possible candidates for the International Presidency put forward by the sections.
  • Formal acceptance of new sections.
  • The election or re-election of the International President.

Over the years the AICR has grown and spread out across Europe and Asia Pacific. We welcome more new affiliated members to join the AICR International. Please contact the any of the AICR Section Presidents in your country for membership into the AICR International.