International Receptionists’ Day

Join AICR International in Celebrating outstanding Hotel Receptionists around the world on 8th May 2019.


National Receptionists’ Day was launched in 1991 in the United States to recognise and appreciate the great work of Receptionists and AICR is proud to support this great initiative on a worldwide platform.


As soon as you enter a hotel, the first person you approach is always the receptionist with a friendly smile.  Ever gracious, this person attends to your queries and assists you with any requests. Receptionists are the ones who are often responsible for providing a memorable first impression to your guests as well as keeping the day-to-day operation running smoothly and efficiently.


So how do we thank them for their graciousness? All member hotels to submit a photo of their Front Office team by 5pm Wednesday 8th May on ARDE Singapore Facebook page and the most creative photo idea submission will win this competition.


Our Receptionists are some of the best in the world and deserve some recognition. Are you ready to celebrate The International Receptionist’s Day today?


Here are some easy and fun ideas:


  • Balloons and thank you message in the back office
  • Personalised cards from FOM /RDM saying thank you
  • Cake, Pizza or Doughnuts at handovers
  • Inform the hotel of this special day and have everyone engaged to celebrate their hard work
  • GM coming to back office to thank the receptionists for all they do







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